The purpose of this DVD is to explore how the issue of domestic violence is being approached in four culturally diverse communities in the city of Detroit: Arab American, Latino American, African American and Asian American communities. Although there are similarities about how domestic violence affects any community, there are also clear differences regarding the causes and solutions to remedy it. In this DVD the viewer will learn how domestic violence is addressed by these communities in the City of.

Over the last fifty years, has undergone a number of changes economically, socially, and demographically. These various changes convey an important story of how race and culture has been a challenge for various cultural communities within the city overtime. Consequently, many of the residents are challenged by poverty, in adequate resources, crime, health care challenges, weakened community networks and other issues, including domestic violence.

Each community has its particular history and connection to the city of Detroit and its changes overtime. They also have a point of view concerning their present social context and how it influences their approach to address community challenges such as domestic violence. The DVD and story offers messages to other cities and diverse groups challenged by a range of community challenges in addition to domestic violence.

A film by the Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community in partnership with Crescent House Battered Women’s Services.