Ms. Fatima PorghoMs. Fatima Porgho

Fatima Porgho knows the tragedy of domestic violence all too well. She was a victim of marital rape and sexual assault for more than 14 years while living with her ex-husband in Saudi Arabia and in her native Burkina Faso.

Determined to be free, she sought the assistance of the InterAfrican Union of Human Rights and, since her escape, has dedicated her life to preventing abuses against women.

Having achieved many goals in her career in Governmental Services in Burkina Faso, and Multilateral Diplomacy at the United Nations, Ms. Porgho since has become active in community organizing, protection of women rights and gender abuse programs.

Currently a New York-based domestic violence advocate, she represents the African Council of Imams on issues related to domestic violence and women and, for the past year, has dedicated herself to supporting community-based and grassroots organizations in New York.

A passionate advocate for women’s rights, Ms. Porgho worked for nonprofit groups specializing in domestic violence before becoming an independent activist focused on raising awareness on this issue in her community. In recognition of those efforts, the African Diaspora in the USA granted her with an African Community Award for 2011 and IDVAAC granted her with an award in August 2012.

In February 2012, she returned to Saudi Arabia and set up three domestic violence support groups in two cities, Riyadh and Madinah, and a focus group for girls in Riyadh. That group supports women who’ve been exposed to domestic violence at home and teaches them how to avoid becoming victims of gender-based violence.

Ms. Porgho, who has consulted with IDVAAC over the last five years, studied International Affairs and Contemporary Diplomacy in Burkina Faso and Malta, and received her Master’s degree in International Affairs.